Here at Vallum

In addition to our food businesses, Vallum is also home to the following businesses

J. Turner Upholstery

J.Turner Upholstery is a domestic upholsterer with more than 20 years experience of upholstery, antique restoration, furniture restoration, and modern restoration. J. Turner Upholstery provides an outstanding quality of craftsmanship, breathing new life into a beloved piece of furniture, big or small, antique, classic or modern.

Tel 01434 672 720

K9 Hydrotherapy

K9 Hydrotherapy is recommended by vets throughout the Tyne Valley for the treatment of a range of conditions including hip dysplasia, arthritis, cruciate ligament post-operative recovery, patella luxation, elbow dysplasia, spinal injuries, mobility problems related to age, and obesity control.
K9 is equipped with two different styles of rehabilitation treadmills and is able to design a specific programme for your dog, no matter what their shape, size, or ability. There is also an overhead lifting hoist which enables the team to safely handle and manoeuvre disabled dogs and animals with spinal injuries etc, into and out of the treadmills.

Tel 01434 672 140,