Accommodation at Vallum Farm

Vallum Farm has partnered with Cloudhouse Glamping to offer you a unique camping experience.CloudHouse Logo

Cloudhouse Glamping is a new affiliation of Cloudhouses home of Yurts and Squrts. Our aim is to bring the quality and standard of accommodation which has been established at music festivals and events over the past 10 years, but with its own new level of comfort and finesse. We can truly offer you a home away from home with all of the comforts you are used to.

You can book your Glamping Holiday by clicking here.

Choose your Yurt

There are four Yurts situated here at Vallum Farm.

Sycamore Gap Yurt
Named after the most photographed location in the Northumberland National Park, Sycamore Gap, one of our 16ft diameter yurts is the height of luxury, also referred to by us as the bridal yurt. It comes complete with everything you would expect from any posh hotel room and still more!

Milecastle Yurt
Named after the fortifications that were every roman mile apart, up and down Hadrian’s Wall. One of our 20ft yurts aimed at families or larger parties sleeping up to 6 people. Sat upon its own handmade wooden flooring, and with oil filled radiator incase the night gets a touch chilly.

Steel Rigg Yurt
Our Steel Rigg yurt is another of our 16ft yurts, named after one of the most dramatic and picturesque spots along Hadrian’s wall. Containing all the luxuries you would expect from a Cloudhouse Glamping yurt it is another great option for up to 3 people.

Coria Yurt
Coria is named after the true roman name for Corbridge. Its full name was Corstopitum which was a fort and town two and a half miles south of Hadrian’s Wall, where Corbridge now sits. Coria is able to sleep up to six people, complete with wood burner.
Camping Map

Wedding Glamping

These wonderful Yurts are also available as part of your wedding.

Brides and/or Grooms will be given a hotline to their very own food and drink guru during their stay. Whatever refreshments you need from our bespoke Yurt menu, the guru will bring it to you*.  You might fancy fish and chips on Friday afternoon or a pitcher of cocktails to drink round the fire bowl. You name it, if we can make it happen, we will.  Your guru will also deliver complimentary bacon rolls to Sycamore Gap (the bridal yurt) on the morning of the wedding.

* during normal business hours

For brides booking all 4 yurts for 2 days we will provide a complimentary bottle of prosecco on arrival for each yurt.